The Beauty of Stone Floors

The Beauty of Stone Floors

All you have to do is see some great stone floors to understand just how amazing they are. Many of the marbles floors and other structures of ancient Greece and Rome are still intact today, demonstrating just how durable stone and marble can be. What is the difference between stone and marble? There is none really. It is just that marble is considered to be “softer” than some other stones such as granite which is extremely dense, hard, and heavy.

No matter what kind of stone you want for the floors you want built, it can be done beautifully and with precision. Just remember that the best work takes time. For detailed work done right, don’t rush the process. It is tough to get stone off of a floor once it is put down. You will want to make the right selections from the start. Choose stone flooring Oregon shops can install for you.

When you do decide on the right stone for the floor, consider the other surfaces of the home you will also want to have stone laid upon. Counter tops are probably the most common area next to floors. Then back splashes would be next in consideration. Shower walls and floors will also be great spots for fine stones. You can have whole slabs installed or the work can be done with stone tiles. It is all up to you and your tastes.

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When you visit one of the finer Oregon stone shops, whether it is online or in the physical store, have a look at completed examples so you can get an idea of what you will want to get. This helps you understand the different applications for stone in the home. Soon, you will have the exact floors you wanted, covered with the best stone you can get.